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I’m a creepy neighbor… Call me Gladys Kravitz April 25, 2008

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Just like the fictional character, Gladys Kravitz, thatwas portrayedin the comedy, “Bewitched,” I have been a creepy neighbor. Of course I was willing to sacrifice for the better reading pleasure of my dedicated readers. However this entry has a sad undertone to it. I know I blog about relationships, trying to help those in them figure out what the heck their doing, in turn, honestly, helping me figure out my own story. But what about those people who are just coming out of a relationship?

About a year ago I watched this couple, move into the house across the street from me. For a year I watched as they painted, hung laundry, cleaned and got settled in. About a month ago when the weather started getting nice and windows started to open, the fighting that was heard from inside of their lives was heart wrenching. Yesterday a moving truck came and I pretended to get the mail and watched as the husband packed up all of his belongings and drove away.

Now her car is there alone while their laundry still hangs on the line. I can’t help but want to walk over and talk to her. We have all been there before. Whether it be divorce or heartache. It never gets easier. As I look at her windows still open, and her dog in the backyard, it doesn’t seem fair (for her) that life is going on around her, while her world is probably falling apart. For anyone who has been through it, even for those who haven’t yet, ending a relationship is like a death.

So even though some of us might be in relationships, to those who are ending them, it sucks. Sometimes it seems like when we find happiness in someone, we forget about those who are dealing with the death of their relationship, or even what it felt like to go through it ourselves. Seeing my neighbor move out yesterday really brought that home to me.

I found some sites and information that I hope can help. To those of you dealing with the pain of a break-up, it hurts like hell now, and even though you probably can’t imagine feeling worse, and won’t believe me if I say it, but it gets easier.

7 Tips on getting over a breakup– “You need to know that you are far bigger than your biggest feeling and keep in mind that even your darkest hour is only going to be 60 minutes in length.” This site offers great advice that hits home and won’t make you feel alone.

Surviving A Break-UpThis site will take you on the roller-coaster of emotions that ending a relationship can take you on.

Getting Over It-This site from Ivillage will take you to a plethora of other advice articles about getting over a relationship.

Till my next post…

NOTE: The story in which I tell stems from my own opinion of how this women is dealing with her situation. Sorry I have a heart and care, but I have been getting these horrible comments from people who really love my page ( sarcastic tone intended). If you have read my page, you know where I come from. Break-ups can be horrible, but they can also be a great thing that can lead to new life ya never knew you were possible of living. Don’t get me twisted. Jeeezzz.


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