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About Me and This Blog February 7, 2008

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Hi everyone! Well.. what can I really say? I’m the least internet savvy person you will ever encounter so bare with me on this brand new endeavour. This blog is an assignment from an online journalism class I am taking right now, but in all honesty I cant wait to begin! This blog will be dedicated to life in love,a bloggers guide to long term relationships, the ups the downs and all that stuff that falls in between.

I am a 21 year old girl, who enjoys living life, writing, and has high aspirations as far as her future is concerned. I am Almost…ALMOST done with college and all that it has to offer, and am currently a year into the most serious relationship of my life. I am no expert. There was never a degree earned on my behalf in romance 101and Oprah has never asked me on her show to share my stories on this topic (she doesn’t know what’s good for her). However I have been cheated on loved and lied to in the past and I am a firm believer in learning from experience.. and that my fellow internet stalkers, bloggers and of course Professor Mark Berkey-Gerard…I have.

I hope while blogging about this topic, to not only to interest others, but to learn more about myself and my relationship as well. So buckle your seat belts and hold on tight.. this should be interesting!

Surgeons General Warning: If you get sick at the sight of public affection, insist that Valentines Day is just a Hallmark gimmick, and have a weak stomach at the sight of two people enjoying each others company turn away now. Side effects of visiting this blog include, an open mind( Oh No!), nausea and vomiting, and a sense of humor.




One Response to “About Me and This Blog”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Hello, I came across your blog while doing research for a story (for a national newsmagazine) on how long-distance relationships are affected by the rising costs of travel/gas. Have you ever heard of anyone who was forced to break up with a college sweetheart bc travel was just too expensive (especially recently?) Please write me an email back if you get a chance! Thanks, Caitlin McDevitt

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